June 5-7th, 2020 - Maximus Method Certification - Salt Lake City, Utah

The Maximus Method was created to give trainers, athletic therapists and every day people the tools to become better coaches and athletes. What do we mean by the word athlete? We aren’t only referring to sports. The goal of the course is to make you a better athlete in the sport of life. It will help you be a better father, mother, lawyer, accountant or whatever else you aspire to be. The three day certification, taught by a team of Maximus instructors, focuses on human health, wellness, and human performance. The course will cover sport psychology, coaching techniques. stress management, recovery, programming and will provide you with the knowledge and ability to understand and utilize ‘The Maximus Training System’. At the end of the three day course you’ll be tested and upon passing you will be awarded The Maximus Method Certification. If you do not pass the test you will be given the opportunity to study and re-test at a later date. Once you are certified there are no yearly re-certification fees. Certification is for life.
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