Red Sullivan is one of the best kept secrets in the fitness industry.  As a former D1 athlete, and eventual Intern/Graduate Assistant for Villanova University and UMiami Strength & Conditioning Programs, respectively, his work now focuses on maximizing fitness & wellness in the Common Working Person/Corporate Athlete population.  Specifically, he focuses on Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, Recovery Practices (Ice, Heat, Breathing work), and Emotional Intelligence.  He is an expert in Wellness for the Corporate Athlete, because he not only serves this population, but is also a part of it, working for the last 10 years in Corporate America by day (Accounting & Business Development, Brand Consulting) while working in Fitness by night.

He is Co-Founder of The Redgimen LLC which provides online/remote fitness programming/Coaching, as well as Co-Founder of Vibe Brand Consulting LLC, which provides Brand Consulting & Business Development services for gyms, personal brands, and large corporations.  He knows the ins and outs of how to achieve high-level human performance for the Corporate Athlete because he, himself, has done it time and time again while working 80+ hr weeks.  Red is particularly passionate about using the gym as a “safe-space” & “laboratory” for physical, mental, & emotional development, most notably helping his clients become more resilient, confident, and emotionally intelligent humans.

In addition to acting as an Adviser to the Maximus Method, Red is also an XPT Certified Coach.

For more information on Red Sullivan, visit or visit his Instagram account @strictlyred

Photo Credit:  Justin Harrison