130 Hours to Get Fit

The fitness industry would have you think that this healthy body stuff is an easy fix, a quick commitment. You’re inundated with infomercials and fitness products that promise you results. But they’re bullshit. There’s no free lunch, there’s no magic pill, and no shortcuts. Becoming incredibly fit requires hard work and time.

How much time? 130 hours. Where did I get that number? It’s an hour a day, 5 days a week, for 6 months. And these hours can’t be half-assed. Each hour should be uncomfortable—that’s what’s required for real change. Log these 130 quality hours with attention to your nutrition and recovery, and you’ll be successful.

Video by Piers Blyth (Instagram @5amteacher). To contact him and inquire about video email at or call 303-618-6744

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