168 Hour Time Audit

The single most common excuse I hear from people is “I don’t have enough time.” When people feed me that line, we fill out one of my infamous time audits.

I want you to try this drill. Grab a pen and paper and write 168 in big numbers up the top. That’s how many hours you have in a week. Now add up how many hours you spend during the day on things like working, commuting, sleeping, spending time with family, etc and subtract it from 168. This is how much time you have left over.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you work 60 hours a week with 8 hours of sleep each night. I know most of you don’t sleep 8 hours, but you should. That’s 60 working hours plus 56 sleeping hours for a total of 116. That leaves 52 hours left, more than two full days. If we add in 10 hours for commuting, 3 hours for grocery shopping, 6 hours for household chores and errands and 20 hours for family and leisure time, that totals 155 hours per week. You still have 13 left. And yeah, stuff comes up, but that’s not an excuse. The reality is you always have time. You have time to reach your goals. Run your own time audit and take control of your schedule.

Video by Piers Blyth (Instagram @5amteacher). To contact him and inquire about video email at or call 303-618-6744

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