Bench Press Hell

Bench Press Hell 

Bench Press Hell is one of my favorite upper body burners of all time. All you need to do the exercise is a 95lbs barbell and a bad ass attitude because this one is a grind. If you do the workout correctly you’ll be surprised how bad you can wreck your upper body in just four minutes. It will probably be the best and worst 4 minutes of your life.


Load a barbell with 95lbs. Get under the bar and do 10 reps. Hold the barbell in fully extended position for 20 seconds. Then complete 9 reps and hold the barbell in fully extended position for 20 seconds. Complete this pattern until you complete 1 rep on the bench press and hold for a final 20 second hold. You are not allowed to rack the barbell or rest it on your chest at any point during the exercise. The entire thing should take roughly 4 minutes.

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