Row To Hell

“Row To Hell”

You start with 500 meters and work your way down— 100 meters at a time—until you row just 100 meters. It’s a ladder. Row to Hell is intense and not for the faint of heart. If you do it right you’ll literally feel like you are in hell. 


Hop on a row machine and set its computer so it’s measuring your meters rowed. Row as hard as you possibly can until you hit 500 meters. (If you don’t have a row machine, you can also use a ski ergometer or a fan bike.) Rest as long as it took you to complete your 500- meter row. So, for example, if you rowed 500 meters in 1:30, you’d rest for 1:30. Repeat for 400 meters this time, resting afterward for the amount of time it took you to row those 400 meters. Repeat the pattern until you do your final 100-meter row. Note: This workout is also fun to do with a partner, following the “you go, I go,” format, where you row, then rest as your partner rows.

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