The 100 Rep Challenge

The 100-REP Challenge

I do this workout anytime I need to break through a plateau—it shocks your system with weight and intensity, eliciting progress. It’s rather simple: Load a barbell and do 100 reps of the back squat or bench press as fast as you can. The key is to follow my weight recommendations. Notice in the directions I have very specific weights laid out. People often ask me to adjust the weight so it’s more “fair” for their body weight. Here’s what I tell them: “Shit in the real world weighs what shit weighs. You can’t push a button to magically alter the mass of something so it’s more ‘fair’ for your bodyweight.” But if you work toward these weights, I promise that you’ll see progress across the board.


Choose either the barbell bench press or the barbell back squat. The first time you take this test, load a bar so it weighs 135 pounds. Do 100 reps of the exercise as fast as you possibly can. If you can finish all your reps in 10 minutes or less, use 185 pounds next time. Once you can do all the reps in 10 minutes with 185 pounds, move up to 225 pounds. Once you can do all the reps in 10 minutes with 225 pounds, you’re officially part of the “Big Guy Club.”

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